Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween is almost here!

I have decided that since Halloween is almost here that I might post a few black and white photos I have taken. Mostly because I don't have any scary photos or any with kids in costumes just yet and this seemed almost appropriate. I think some black and whites are beautiful and I think some come out kind of eery, either way i like both kinds.

I have found that my eery looking photos were of trees. Hmmm....I wonder if I just have a thing for wierd looking trees?
I loved how these trees looked kind of eery in Black and White

Cool looking dead tree

I took this in the summer and I loved how cool it looked spider web and all.

Here are some of my warm and fuzzy black and whites. Of course they are of my kids.
 Sierra sitting on a swing.

A picture of Tristen on one of our walk.
I am still trying to work on my Black and White photos. I need to do more contrasting and make them a little more sharp but I still love them.

Have a great Halloween.

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