Thursday, September 2, 2010

My first Moment....

With this being my first post I'm not sure where to actually begin. I have been taking photos for a year now and they just sit on my computer and no one gets to see them. I would like to get them out and viewable so I can see what type of reactions people get from them. While my photography isn't professional and I don't have any great photo editing software, my photos are kinda of "what you see is what you get". I am more or less just wondering if people can see what I do. So please feel free to tell me what you feel when you view it.

Well here goes. This is my first photo:
forestry in a small town
I took this photo while walking my dog this summer. It makes me feel like I'm on this nice wilderness walk when in all actuality if you could span out you would see this just lines a driveway and there aren't many other trees around. I couldn't get over the lighting and shading.

Let me know what ya think. Enjoy!


  1. I did recieve an comment for this photo via email in facebook "it made me feel like it was an enchanted forest where fairies and sprites would live."

  2. I see trees. lol Glad to see you join the blog world!!